About Us

At Trustedstay, we have taken up the challenge of helping travellers:

  • Discover quality serviced apartments across India.
  • Travellers can easily find serviced apartments around their desired location be it a place of work, event location or near a lively area.

How we aim to achieve the above:

  • By listing apartments only after they have been personally checked and meet a certain standard.
  • By making Trustedstay the only, 'invite only serviced apartment portal'.
  • By monitoring the performance of the serviced apartments and un-listing those properties which have not been doing well.
  • Providing a seamless booking experience to the traveller, with multiple touch points that will keep the traveller updated with his/her stay details.
  • We are doing this Pan-India.

We as a collective unit are working towards ensuring you as a traveller get to stay exactly as you expect, each and every time.

 3000+ Room inventory of qualified serviced apartments

30,000+ customers

  100+ partners